The Top-Notch Radio Ailunce HD1

The Top-Notch Radio Ailunce HD1, this conclusion was given by Bob Plank, KK4DIV. He made a review on Ailunce HD1 with the youtube video below:

From the video, we will know the belows:

The good:

1, Weight: It’s a little bit weight, nice in hand. Not too large. Good well-made Radio, the weight is one of my favourite things about this radio.

2, Battery life: On receive it lasts almost 2 days and on Transmit it lasts almost 1 days. Very impressed on the battery life.

3, Knobs: Two knobs of HD1 next to the antenna, the power and volume on/off Knob and channel switch knob. There is a little bit of resistance, not hard to turn but it just feels like a good-quality knob.

4, Screen: The screen is easy to read inside and give you plenty of informaton, everything you need to know about operating the radio. Like the frequency, channel,  zone, time slot, battery bar, analog or digital mode, wideband or narrow band. power and so on.

6, Screen color: With the blue color in the screen, make it easier on the eye when you are inside.

7, Interface port: Similar like the motorola radio’s interface, it is on the right hand-side. It is the waterproof port, and will not break off, good trumbs up.

8, IP67: this radio with the IP67 waterproof, no worries to use outdoor, like on the boat, in the wet weather or by the river.

9, Programming cable: Bob said, it is a big surprised to him because no need to install any drivers. But if your PC need the driver, please go to here to download:

10, Menu: This radio’s menu with lots of functions, you can program it by its keypad, very practical.

We called this function FPP: Front Panel Programmable.

The could be a little better:

1, Antenna: A little Stiff, need more flexible

2, Screen: can’t see clearly in the sun. And screen a little small.

The specifications:

1, Frequency range: UHF: 400-480MHZ and VHF 136-174MHZ. It is a wide-range, you can transmit under your country’s regulations.

2, 3000channels: A lot of capability of memory channel, with 256 zones, each zone with 64 channels.

3, Battery: Li-ion with 7.4v. 3200mah capacity.  Give you plenty of power.

4, Antenna: The Impedance 50Ω

5,10W power

6, FM radio.


The conclusion:

At first a little skeptical, but once I got it and opened it, Ailunce HD1 give me the super impressed with the overall built-quality. The plastic shell doesn’t feel cheap, it is well-engineered and well-made radio. I like very much.



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