The unsuccess reasons when you programme a radio

We always meet some customers can’t unsuccess to programme radio, why they are unsucess? There are many reasons caused. Today, let us know about it

1.USB driver installation questions
A.USB driver don’t download to programme radio
B.USB driver is uncorrect when it’s downloaded
C.USB driver is correct, but CP system updated to lead the USB driver can’t work with now
(please firstly uninstall USB driver install it again)

2.Software installation questions

Software happen unknown wrong in the process when install it. You have to uninstall it, then install it again

3.Com choosed questions
If com is wrong, you can consider change USB port or others computers. Besides, please keep same com between CP device manager and software

Retevis walkie talkie













4.Checking radio if it opened

Please keep programming cable connect radio to computer, then turn on radio. Don’t do opposite

5.Don’t support other systems
Our software isn’t compatible with mac and linux system, so lead to software and driver can’t install

6.Radio and Computer Port Question

Pls check the programming cable if it’s tight between radio port and computer port, if not, pls connect them again to avoid loose

Retevis programming radios
















7.Programming cable questions

Differnt models need differnt programming cable, so please choose correct programming cable when you order a radio

Normally under usb driver and software correct installation, programming is no problem, if you still can’t programme, please check the reasons as items above, you also contact us to solve by email,

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