Top 3 popular commercial radios in your businesses

In the past 2022 year, too many customers needed commercial radio for farming, working, and outdoor activities. Commercial radios are usually more convenient to use and easier to operate. It is divided into two kinds: no-license and licensed. License-free radios are usually used in small businesses or owners, while licensed radios are usually used in medium and large enterprises with higher communication requirements.

3 popular commercial radios in 2022

RT22 license-free radio. It has been the most popular license-free radio in the past years. And due to its high quality and cheapness, it is always used in restaurants, hotels, shops, farms, community activities, and other small businesses. And at the end of 2022, we will have a thinner and lighter upgraded radio RT22P. There is one more choice for small businesses.

RB19 license-free radio. Many people like the color and the screen. The built-in battery makes it thinner and can be worn all day without causing a burden. You can set the radio by pressing the menu button several times. The radio is easier to use for employees who need flexible calls. And it has 3 versions, FRS and GMRS RB19P in the US and PMR446 in the EU and UK. GMRS version RB19P works on 5W and can connect a repeater. It is a good commercial radio.

RT81 is a UHF/VHF single-band licensed DMR radio. It has IP67 waterproof and dustproof function so that you can use it on rainy days and in serious places. It can be used in large areas, and the direct communication range is about 4 miles. Moreover, if you need a private call, you must use a DMR radio with an encryption function. One of our customers said he has to use a DMR radio because he doesn’t want others to hear where he put the goods.

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RT622 PMR446 & RT622P PMR446



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