The Highlights of Top3 Retevis toy walkie talkies

Top3 Retevis toy walkie talkies from the below 8 models are:RT388,RT602 and RT628.And Model RT36 is the newest toy walkie talkie.

Retevis RT388:

1,Color:5 colors:Pink,Blue,Black,Yellow and Sky blue

2,Upgraded version RT388plus (Pink Color):best PC shell cover, rechargeable batteries and charger.

3,With the Rohs,CE,FCC,WEE Certificates.


Retevis RT602:

1,With the Li-on battery. Or if you can not buy the Li-on battery in your place,you can buy the  AAA battery.

2,The size:Small size fit for the children’s hand.

3,Charger: it have the chargerbase and charger line+adapter. this will be convenience.

4,With the CE,FCC Certificates.

free license PMR446 walkie talkie


Retevis RT628:

1,Color: 4 colors: Black,Red, silver,Camouflage.

2,Upgrade version: Camouflage color,named RT628plus.

3,Fit for the children and adult to use. A customer said:Retevis Walkie Talkies make me want to be a kid again, and play special agent guy!

4,With the Rohs,CE,FCC,WEE Certificates.


These Top3 best selling toy walkie talkies, with the sufficient inventory and stable production progress.

Retevis RT36:

1,RT36 is the newest model of all the toy walkie talkie.

2,Shape:Unique shape with the Robot apperance. The design patent belongs to Retevis Brand.

3,With the IC,FCC,CE,Rohs Certificates.


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