Unlicensed RT51 network radio

Unlicensed RT51 network radio

Where could RETEVIS RT51 network Radio be used widely?

Almost all industries, such as Event Management Companies, Security Companies, Construction Companies, Chain Stores, Large Conference Centers, Sports Events, Taxi and logistics companies and Private Users. and anyone else needs communications without range restrictions. Forget about expensive repeaters and licenses, unlicensed RT51 network radio with US nationwide coverage could help you.


Customer Reviews of RT51 network radio

A: Review by Steve:

RT51 network radio is very well built and feels like its capable to stand up to daily use in bad weather. RT51 network radio can also announce various operational parameters for the visually impaired in situations where looking at the display is not possible. Operation of the radio is very easy with a power and volume function built in to one of the top mount controls.
As an unlicensed communication tool, RT51 network radio is a great idea.

B: Review by Dan:

I’ve been using RT51 network radio for about a week and I am really impressed. The audio quality is just as good as DMR. The external antenna increases your cellular range quite a bit. The build quality seems solid. The sound quality and functions are just as good when talking to someone in China over the network. Function wise, it’s essentially a digital radio with nationwide range.
Here’s what I like about it.
1, You don’t need any license to operate it.
2, There’s absolutely no additional equipment needed.
3, The reception is fantastic and it works where cell phones don’t get a strong enough signal.
4, Battery life is great.

C: Review by Denny:

RT51 network radio is a nice unlicensed radio with a quality feel and function. The dispatch software looks very pretty and usable with the embedded Google mapping and control interface that is used to control the conversations either one-on-one or group along with a large PTT button.


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