Update your repeater by Retevis RT97P

Update your repeater by Retevis RT97P. Do you want to find a mini repeater? Do you want to find a portable repeater? Do you want to find a repeater that can used in the car?

If yes, choose Retevis RT97P.

Retevis RT97P is the new repeater, with the dual mode analog and digital mode, can help to extend your handheld radio’s communication Range.

What’s the different between RT97 and RT97P?

Retevis RT97 is the analog mode repeater, only can be used with the analog mode radios.

But Retevis RT97P is the dual mode, can be used with the analog mode and digital mode radio.

Retevis RT97P Features

1, Small and compact, simple to use

The Traditional Repeater (replay) tend to be heave, so it is not easy to carry it somewhere. It is usually fixed in one place for use. But Retevis RT97P is the small one, with the weight around 4kg. Also with the small size: 315x275x68mm.

2, Simple installation

You can set the RT97P as the fixed repeater or mobile repeater. When set it as the fixed repeater, only need to build your antenna, then connect the power line. It will work.

If you use it as the mobile repeater, use the car charger to offer the power, and build a car antenna for it, it will work.

3, Multiple power options

Retevis RT97P can work under DC12V~24V power or car power; ideal for underground parking; hotels;moving fleet;mining, ports and so on.

4, LCD display

The LCD screen display shows the current frequency range, the channel can be adjusted using the up/down buttons.

5, Frequency customizable

Frequency can be customized within the range UHF: 400-470MHz or VHF: 136-174MHz

So if you are looking for the mini portable digital and analog mode repeater,Retevis RT97P will be your best choice. Now it is the time to Update your repeater by Retevis RT97P.


Any questions, please leave messages below or contact us by email: partner@retevis.com

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  1. I have the new revetus 97s .i also have winddows 11 . I cant seem to find the driver f or it .i need to also change it to wide band .i have tryed about everything ou can think of . I would also like to change the pl codes anyone know how i can do this .

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