Is Lithium battery better than Nimh battery on your walkie talkie?

Now, the Lithium battery is widely used in the technics, but some toys and radios, still use NiMh batteries, do you know what are the differences between these two kinds of battery? So, this blog is talking about NiMH vs Lithium.

The advantages of NiMH battery

Try nickel metal hydride batteries as a backup power source.

It has obvious advantages in products with high energy consumption and high electricity demand.

Nimh batteries are larger in battery capacity.

And compared with lithium batteries, NIMH batteries cost less.

The advantages of Lithium battery

Lithium batteries are often used in mobile phones, medical devices, electric vehicles and so on. Compared with nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries have obvious advantages in weight and volume.

Lithium batteries, which can be recharged without significant damage, last longer.

Lithium batteries have higher voltage and work more efficiently.

NiMH vs Lithium on walkie talkie

Most walkie-talkies use lithium batteries, which can minimize their size and weight, making them easier to carry. A lithium battery greatly improves the charging efficiency and service life of the battery. Generally, the intercom can be fully charged in about 3 hours, and the continuous use of the intercom in power-saving mode can reach 8 hours.

However, outdoor walkie-talkies such as RT45P and RT49P use rechargeable NiMH batteries, which are obviously more convenient to carry, lower in cost and easy to replace outdoors.


Battery Warning

No matter NiMH battery or lithium battery, extra attention should be paid to avoid combustion or leakage caused by improper battery disposal. Especially in hot places and under direct sunlight, it is necessary to refer to how to use your radio safely in summer.

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