Clear Tube Radio Earpiece

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If you always have some trouble selecting earphones or if you have no idea about what all these different types of the earpieces are ,well this blog was written for you .We classified our earpieces to four types : Clear Tube Radio Earpiece & Throat Microphone & Headphone Headset & listen only earpiece.Today Let’s start from the Clear Tube Radio Earpiece .

How does Clear Tube Radio Earpiece work?

Clear Tube Radio Earpiece

As the picture shows ,the acoustic signal of the receiver converts into sound waves to ear through the plastic air conduit . The air conduit can help to filter the distortion and other noise that caused by the speaker, In addition , the ears will not have to have a close contact with the speaker by this clear tube, so it effectively avoids causing discomfort what is because of the heat by working magnetic radiation .
The Clear Tube Radio Earpiece not only has the characteristics of Noise Cancellation and radiation resistant but also for anyone who needs low-profile, dependable communications because of its appearance .
It is waterproof and dustproof and suitable for strenuous exercise .One of the colleague once did a test about how secure it is and here is the vedio link

Who will need the Clear Tube Radio Earpiece ?

Public SafetyClear Tube Radio Earpiece for Public Safety

Retail StaffClear Tube Radio Earpiece for Retail Staff

HospitalityClear Tube Earpiece for Hospitality

Which are HOT Clear Tube Radio Earpiece on Retevis ?

C9003A Clear Tube Radio EarpieceC9003A

C9010A Clear Tube Radio EarpieceC9010A

They are both easy to attach and remove for cleaning or replacement (great for multiple users to share – each has their own tube assembly)and the clips on both Microphone and earphone could rotate 360 degrees.You could click the link to realize more details .

So it is all about the Clear Tube Radio Earpiece,Please leave a message down there if you have questions or advice , tomorrow let’s talk about Throat Microphone together !

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