RT25 Makes Us Closer (One)

Cell phone is popular in every corner around the world. On average everyone could have a cell phone, some people even have 2 or 3 cell phones. Now Retevis company produced a new type of two way radio walkie-talkie Retevis RT25. Which looks like covered with the appearance of a cell phone.

Dual PTT Retevis RT25

Retevis RT25 walkie talkie has two PTT buttons. One PTT is like the normal radio PTT button on the side part of the radio body. The other PTT is on the centre front over the keypad. When you want to talk to your friends, press each PTT is ok.

16 Keys Corresponding to 16 Channels

On the face of Retevis RT25 radio, there are 16 keys with the number from 1 to 16. Short press the number when the radio keep power on, you could enter the corresponding channel and talk to your friends directly. Also you could program the key functions in the programming software in the page of key setting. Also the default key functions are as the icon showing on the keys by long press it. For example, key 1, the lock icon is on it, so it means the lock function. Key 4, there is a power icon on it, so it is the turn on / off button. So these 16 keys could have 32 functions.

Great Function: Main Channel

Main Channel is the function that you set one channel as main channel, and set the main channel rest, which is the fixed time the radio need back to the main channel. For example, you set the Main Channel 6, ant the Main Channel Reset setting 100s, no matter you are talking to your friends or just stay at the standby mode, after 100s, it will back to channel 6 automaticly. This function will help you never miss the important person saying no matter in what situation.

Get Them While They’re online

Do not wait!! This new retevis RT25 is not a cell phone, but it is much cute than cell phone. And it is one popular and powerful analag two way radio. If you want to know more about it, you could leave comment under this article, I will reply you in 48 hours.

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