Walkie Talkies For Families? RT45 is Recommended

May is the perfect time to plan a family trip to the countryside, a nearby park or beach. Hiking, cycling, and picnics are some fun activities that families can enjoy together. Walkie talkies for families are favorable communication tool for family trips. Considering factors such as license-free, ease of use, portability and price, I highly recommend this Retevis RT45 FRS License Free Radio. 

Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkies For Families
Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkies For Families

Compact Appearance

Retevis RT45 is 2W, has 22 channels, and comes in a 2-pack for only $30.99. It looks like a classic walkie-talkie for the home, and it looks stunning in its milky white exterior. In the front, it has six buttons, Calling button, Monitor button, Menu and Power button, Lock Button, Up button and Down buttons for volume and channel switch. Retevis RT45 has a big part for speaker. On the side, it has the Push to talk button, and the other this side. It has the flashlight button and here is the USB jack. On the top, this is the headphone jack. On the back it has the belt clip. On the bottom, it has rubber feet for standing on.

Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkies Details
Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkies Details

Retevis RT45 weighs about 155g with batteries. It is so light that it is not a big burden when hiking and can be held for a long time without any effort. Accordingly, the Retevis RT45 is small and handy, which means that it can be stowed away to save space, among other things.

Power Supply

3 AA batteries are required per radio for power supply. These are also included in the scope of delivery. The batteries are usually sufficient to use the Retevis RT45 intensively for more than a day. If you only use the device occasionally, the batteries will last for several days. The batteries in the Retevis RT45 can also be easily recharged. All you have to do is connect the radio device to a PC, a power bank or, with a suitable adapter, to a socket or cigarette lighter using the supplied USB cable.

Various Functions

  • Calling Tones: 10 different ringtones can be used as incoming call reminders.
  • Lock Function: A key lock prevents the channels from being accidentally changed.
  • VOX Function: Thanks to the integrated VOX, the does not have to be held in your hand the whole time during a call. VOX can be used with earphones to achieve a better hands-free call effect.
  • Room monitor: It can be understood as a room alarm. Once your little baby suddenly wakes up from sleep or cries for something, you will be alerted immediately. This will be a very effective feature for family outdoor activities with children, such as RV trips.
  • Other notable features include are Dual Watch, Scan function, LED flashlight, Roger beep, Low-Battery Reminder, etc.

Easy for Kid to Use 

Since RT45 is easy to use, kids can easily learn how to use them too. After setting the frequency and channel, hand this walkie-talkie to the kids. Let them hold the walkie talkie correctly and press the PTT button to talk, just like this little boy did.

RT45 has a maximum distance of 1.5 km to 2 km. But it should be noted that the call range and quality will affected by the obstacles such as houses or trees. Besides the FRS version, you can also find its PMR446 version in European site and other country site, which is 0.5W with 16 channels.

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