what do you consider before purchase walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies can be use  in various occasions,such as schools,church,and so on.Many customers ask us: I want use a walkie talkie,what model do you recommend? Generally speaking,we will recommend some suitable radios accourding to use environment.So what do you consider before purchase? Let’s dscussion it together.

Communication distance

it is a ordinary requirement. if you need long communication,like in large parking lot,I recommend you high power. we have 10w radio can meet your requirements.Like RT29,RT1,RT83.They are 10w radios,can reach long distance communication.

Use environment

When walkie talkies use  in schools,chunchs,these use requirements are easy to use,solid.In this case,I will recommend customers RT21,RT22.RT21has high wear resistance, not easy to scratch.RT22 is small,can put in your pocket,is easy to use.and in thid occasion,it will need use many radios,RT21,RT22 have six-way charger,can support 6 walkie talkies charge simultaneously.If you have interest,here is the link of six-way charger:https://www.retevis.com/6-port-rapid-charger-rtc21.  


Special requirements

We also have radios can reach your special requirements. For example, if you want use a radios hiking,you maybe need waterproof  radios, I recommend you RT29,RT87. They are waterproof radios,generally speaking,I recommend RT29. It is analog radio,and the price is cheaper. We also have many radios have GPS function,so if you have activities outdoor,I suggestion you carry radios with GPS function,like HD1 GPS,RT3GPS.

There are many reasons to select  walkie talkies,but at least,we should select that suitable for ourselves.If you have any other requirements in use raios,please contact support@retevis.com freely,I will recommend something suitable for you.

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