What if my walkie talkies dropped into water?

Many people drive for vacation travel , or together with friends and family.  Walkie Talkies undoubtedly become the most popular equipment for outdoor communications.However, it’s a rainy day, accidentally, What if my walkie talkies dropped into water? Most walkie-talkie is not waterproof. Once water came into my walkie talkies,pls stay calm!  Someone picked up the walkie-talkie, began to throw hard, but water is not thrown, but the radio was dumped aways… Obviously,it’s not right way.


J6309G (6)J0017A-2











1. The circuit board and the conductive rubber buttons:
Clean conductive rubber button intercom with anhydrous alcohol, and dry it.
Then with taper or pointy tool, prevent each manifold and Tiqu cable from dirt between ethanol and then soaked circuit board.Wash with a soft brush and place to dry it at the entrance of Wind. or pls try with a hair dryer. (Note: The blowing temperature of hair dryer could not be too high–It’s best temperature to put hands on the board you can tolerate.)

2. Speaker and microphone:
The speaker and microphone with the hair dryer to dry, pay attention to the apporiate temperature. No ethanol immersion is permitted.

3. The housing shell cover:
Clean up the cracks of radio shell, and then soaked in absolute alcohol, Wash with a soft brush clean and dry it at the entrance of wind till available.

4.The antenna and battery:
Check the soft cover of antenna whether there is water / moisture or not, pls do it as above “The circuit board and the conductive rubber buttons” i mentioned.

There’re two kinds of battery: battery pack and battery box. Pls test the battery and the electric current, if necessary, try charging. If the battery box is AA rechargeable batteries ,it can be easily replaced. But since the battery pack is sealed, you still need a knife to replace broken battery pack.

5. Test

A: After you processed all parts, you have to fix your walkie talkie together in reverse order. Then it’s ok to power to test it.

B: When it’s power to test ,you’d better to have an ammeter.If the battery case is not easy to insert the ammeter in series, it is recommended to use the body of the DC jack into the 6 ~ 9V DC. Shortly turn the power on to observe the current isnot greater than 60mA, otherwise there is a short circuit or leakage inside the machine, they need to be processed.

C: After the current is normal, check wheather launching the indicator is normal or not. Then test to transmit and receive with good walkie talkies.

D: If your communication distances of walkie talkie becomes shorter, pls check the antenna and antenna connection wheather loose and oxidation or not.

Even if your walkie-talkie is waterproof, the water accidentally came into, you’d better deal with it. so that other parts of radios doesn’t have further damages.

Merry Christmas to everyone!



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