What if there is no signal?

What if there is no signal?

Mobile phones are an indispensable communication tool in modern society. They are timely, fast, and have good call quality. You even can make a video call. As long as there is a network, you can use it anytime. This is a very handy tool that most people use to get in touch.

However, there are still many areas that are not covered by the network signal. You cannot use your cell phone to communicate in areas without coverage. In addition to this, the network is not always so reliable in the face of natural disasters. For example, after the flood, after the typhoon… the network is destroyed, we want to connect with others, it is completely impossible without a network signal. At this time, it would be great to have a radio to use.

Radio does not require a network and can be used even in areas with no signal. We can contact the surrounding medical workers to get timely rescue and reduce unnecessary losses; we can contact relatives and friends to tell them about our situation, so that they don’t have to worry about us.

The Retevis radio is a good choice.

RT85 is a dual band ham radio with emergency alarm function, which can make group calls and group calls.

RT29 is big power, so longer range, IP67 waterproof version available, 3200Mah big battery capacity long standby time, durable and rigid quality.

H777 is affordable and easy to use.

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