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What is a perfect business two-way radio?

What is a perfect business two-way radio? A business two-way radio is a specific but the most widely used in the workplace. And many business radios have many functions to improve the better user experience. So, what kind of business walkie-talkie is best?

What kind of walkie-talkie is best suited for business?

For managers, walkie-talkies used by employees should be cheap enough, with fewer functions, and be controlled by leaders or administrators on the premise that they can satisfy real-time calls.

This requires functions mainly include: scanning and monitoring to facilitate the manager to find and listen to the call under the same frequency;

Computer programming function: the manager can set the walkie-talkie through computer programmings, such as channel and frequency, CTCSS and DCS code, call group setting, and other functions. Which can unify the employee’s walkie-talkie can communicate, and can reduce damage to the walkie-talkie as much as possible, and extend the service life of the walkie-talkie;

Commercial walkie-talkies tend not to have screens. Usually, a walkie-talkie with a screen can view information and set some functions on the device. But that’s definitely not what managers give their employees. So a proper business intercom often doesn’t have a screen, which prevents employees from setting up personal chat channels, and one with a screen is more prone to damage.

Other upgraded features are more suitable for higher requirements or specific scenarios, such as the solo function which is more suitable for patrolling people, and the remote stunning and remote death functions which ensure that information is not compromised if the interphone is lost.

However, ease of use, firmness, and portability of the interphone will be more important to employees.

Commercial interphones have very few buttons, only 1-2 custom side keys, 1 PTT key, and 1-2 knobs. Easy to operate, easy to teach and use, but also to minimize operational errors. In addition, many commercial interphones have higher waterproof and dustproof functions can adapt to a variety of working environments and weather conditions. Walkie-talkie materials are also often made of sturdy, wear-resistant materials, which can play a protective role.

Therefore, in general, when we recommend for customers, we often ask customers about their usage scenarios and requirements.
This will allow us to find the most suitable product more quickly.

One of our new products, the RT47V, can be used as a basic business intercom. It is dust-proof and waterproof, with fewer keys, which can meet business needs.

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