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What is a radio repeater system?

First of all, we should know some technology about radio transmitting and receiving. Then, as repeater beginners, we can try to find the uhf repeaters near me and connect to a repeater for further range communication.

Transmitting and receiving.

Radio has two parts, transmitter and receiver. Transmitters encode data, such as sound, onto radio waves. The receiver receives the signal and decodes it to restore the data on the radio waves to sound. Radio waves travel in a straight line and are interfered with by a variety of electromagnetic waves and rays in the atmosphere. They gradually weaken with distance. The receiver can only pick up the signal until the radio waves disappear. This is why we call it intermittent and noisy.


A repeater is a device for receiving and retransmitting radio waves to extend the distance they travel. So the repeater needs a long antenna to receive the signal, and the higher the altitude, the better the reception. Typically, repeater antennas are located on rooftops, treetops, and hilltops. However, it is important to note that lightning arresters are essential equipment, especially during the summer thunderstorm season. A thunderstorm can burn out the repeater through the antenna.

Not long ago a customer texted us to say that his antenna rack had been struck by lightning and had burned out a lot of his radio equipment. Because his radio antennae were all fixed to a shelf, he lost a lot of money. He had to pass up the chance to attend Spain’s biggest radio show.

The best choice for beginners to connect a repeater is ham clubs. Hams can provide a ‘UHF repeaters near me’ sheet to help you find and connect to a repeater.

Connect your radio to a repeater.

Generally speaking, the radio’s transmission frequency is the same as that of the repeater, and the receiver’s reception frequency is equal to that of the repeater. This ensures that the transmitter’s data can be received by the receiver.

Radio amateurs have more research and applications in this area. But for starters, fixed relay channels allow easier long-distance communication. The most typical is GMRS. Eight fixed relay channels have been added to the card-free frequency, which can be connected to GMRS Repeaters for longer call distances.

Like this RT76 GMRS radio. It has 22 FRS communication channels and 8 GMRS repeater channels. So, it can connect to RT97 and RT97S GMRS repeater. Here is the bundle on our website.

How to apply for your GMRS callsign?

And if you need 2 more bundles or repeaters, it is better to contact support@retevis.com for the best price.

RT97 &RT76

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