What Is The Best Introductory First Ham Radio For Preppers?

Retevis RA79 is the Best Introductory First Ham Radio For Preppers. The interest in ham radio has absolutely skyrocketed ever since the beginning of 2020. It seems as if people value the ability to communicate with one another and gather information when they’re placed in uncertain situations.

For those who are just delving into the world of ham radio though, it doesn’t take long to realize you’re being swept away with a whirlwind of questions:

  1. What’s the difference between VHF and UHF?
  2. Is getting into HF really worth it for my situation?
  3. How do I communicate as discretely as possible?
  4. These questions and more are the ones that flood the mind of the newbie ham. But perhaps one of the most daunting questions to answer is this: What Is The Best Introductory First Ham Radio For Preppers?

Let’s see if we can shed some light on the situation.

Hams Are Everywhere

While people are in the most demanding smartphones with higher computing power. There is a group of people who insist on connecting the world with the simplest circuits. And they are tirelessly pursuing this path. On the surface, people are exploring technology, chatting, competing. But the essence of it is that we have another communication system that can work when the modern ones are down. This has been proven in 911, 2020.

I’m not even sure it’s possible to find a prepper out there without a RA79.

Seriously, that’s how popular these things are. And why is that good?

Because it means you’ll have no problem finding somebody who can show you the ropes with your new radio pre-disaster, and should you run into another radio post-disaster, it’s liable to be a RA79.

This means that by learning the ham now, you’ll be much better prepared for the eventual contact with one or its user you’ll have post-disaster.

There are a lot of ham radios out there, why Retevis RA79?

Minimal Investment! This is the chief thing this radio has going for it. the best ham radio for a prepper on a budget is the Retevis RA79.


It’s simply hard to beat ham radio capabilities for all of $30. To my knowledge, nobody else out there even comes close. The UV-5R is obsolete. For the same price, the RA79 has more features. For example, it supports 50-600MHz, Aviation Band, USB-C charging, NOAA radio, and more.

If you’re a college student, are in between job transitions, or are generally just living paycheck to paycheck but want to get on the air, this is the radio for you.

Let’s face it: the world of ham radio can quickly grow to be prohibitively expensive. Retevis is recognized by many hams, and the quality of the Retevis brand is much more reliable.

RA79 50-600MHz RX Aviation Band 5W Ham Radio
RA79 50-600MHz RX Aviation Band 5W Ham Radio

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  1. RA79 mag ja gut sein, aber ohne passende Software ist es leider nahezu unbrauchbar. Auch mit Chirp geht es, zumindest noch, nicht.

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