What is the difference between RB89 and RT29D?

What is the difference between RB89 and RT29D?

Effective communication is essential in many industries. At present, Bluetooth two-way walkie-talkies have become an indispensable tool. At present, Retevis has released several Bluetooth walkie-talkies, such as license-free walkie-talkies (RA19/RB37/RB39P), GMRS radio (RB89), and long-range high-power UHF walkie-talkies (RB689/RT29D). This blog will focus on the differences between RB89 and RT29D.

1/Introduction to these two Bluetooth walkie-talkies

For those looking for a GMRS radio, the Retevis RB89 GMRS radio is a good choice. And RB89 is equipped with Bluetooth headset, free hands; At the same time, it has a hidden display, you can see the channel and battery information.

Retevis RT29D is the newly launched UHF DMR IP67 digital walkie-talkie with Bluetooth headset. It is an upgraded version of RT29. It retains the remote, high-power, IP67 waterproof features of RT29, and adds a digital module (supporting analog mode and digital mode) and Bluetooth function (optional).

2/About the differences between RB89 and RT29D

1. Appearance

The RB89 has an invisible display where you can see the signal, power level, current channel and more.
The RT29 does not display a screen.

2. Standard

The RB89 is a GMRS analog walkie-talkie, and the RT29D is a DMR digital walkie-talkie that supports both digital and analog modes.

3. Frequency range

RB89 frequency range is 462-467MHz, its other version RB689 frequency range is 450-470MHz;
RT29D frequency range: 400-480MHz;

4. Power

RB89 is GMRS 5W radio.

RT29D is 10W high power.

5. Number of channels:

Number of RB89 channels: 30Channels; RB689: 16Channels;
RT29D radio: 128 Channels (8 Zones/16 Channels Per Zone)

6. Waterproof level

RT29D is IP67 waterproof, which can used normally after being put into one meter deep water for 30 mins.

The RB89 is not waterproof.

7. Battery capacity

The RB89 battery capacity is 2600mAh, and in power-saving mode, the standby time of the intercom can reach 120 hours, while the working time can reach 12 hours.
RT29D battery capacity is 3200mAh, power saving mode, standby time of up to 46 hours, and supports all-day use, without frequent charging.

8. Charging method

RB89 supports USB charging base charging, and can be charged at any time; The RT29D is equipped with a charging base for easy charging.

9. Different headphone ports

The RB89 headphone port is Kenwood double-pin, and the RT29D headphone port is motorcycle multi-pin.

10. Functions

The RT29D is a digital walkie-talkie with more features. For example, two-time slots, support group call/full call; Digital encryption function, etc.

If your job or use case requires more functionality or privacy, the RT29D is a better choice.

Any questions or requirements, please feel free to contact info@retevis.com.

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