What is the MURS Two-Way Radio?

What is MURS Two-Way Radio? Now lots people choose the MURS band radios, but some still don’t know what is MURS radio, this blog we will introduce this and recommend some MURS radios for your choice.

What is MURS radio?

MURS radio, it is a service from FCC, the total name is Multi-Use Radio Service.The FCC defines MURS as a private, two-way, short distance voice or data communcation service, can be used for personal or business. It is the license-free band in the USA. Because it is the VHF band radio, so the MURS radio can transmit farther in open areas compared to the FRS radios.

MURS features

1,MURS radios has 5 VHF channels, below is the detail frequencies

  • 151.820 MHz
  • 151.880 MHz
  • 151.940 MHz
  • 154.570 MHz
  • 154.600 MHz

Because the MURS uses VHF band, so it’s good for outdoor where VHF frequencies perform best. And all the MURS radio need to meet the above Frequencies.

2, The MURS radio is limited to 2 watts of power.

When you look for the MURS radio, you need to check the power, make sure the output power less than 2W, then it is the license-free MURS radio. And because of this, if you want to choose the long range two way radio, you need to find the others like the GMRS radio or high power radios.

3, MURS radio can’t work with the repeater.

This will also limit the range of MURS radio, so if you want to connect the repeater to extend your Handheld Radio  range, you can consider the GMRS radio or other radios.

4, Antenna Requirements

A MURS antenna must not exceed 60ft above ground, or 20ft above the highest point of the structure on which it’s mounted. Although there are limitations on the antenna’s height, there are no restrictions on the use of external antennas. Allowing for base radios with a mounted antenna to extend talk ranges.

If you want to extend your MURS radio, the  ony way is change a better antenna.

Retevis MURS two-way Radios

Retevis RB38V, this is the new model, with the hidden display, the mini MURS radio with the removable antenna.

Retevis RT47V, the waterproof MURS radio, but the antenna is fixed.

Retevis RT27V, the mini MURS radio, with the fixed antenna.



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