What is the working principle of RT97?

What is the working principle of RT97?

Retevis have a portable repeater Rt97, it is an analog repeater.

Generally speaking, the walkie talkie connects with repeater can be analog and DMR repeater.

We have analog repeater is RT97, and the DMR repeater is RT9550.

Today we will talk about the working principle of receives RT97.

First of all, we need to know what is the repeater?

A repeater is a device used to increase communication distance and extend coverage in a wireless intercom system.

The repeater is a piece of the indispensable and important equipment in the field of special mobile communication.

The role of a repeater is to relay and amplify signals.

Then, what principle of RT97?

Let’s take a look at the picture below.

Let’s say A, B, C, D is four walkie talkies in different place, A and D in the same zone, so they have well quality of voice, but B is at the outside edge of the communication range, they can talk with each other, but quality of conversation is not very well ; the C is out of communication range, they have poor communication, they can’t even talk.

In this time, we have many methods to improve this. Such as enhancing transmission power, or Install high gain antenna. But both of them not very applicable. Enhance transmission power will Increase power consumption, shorten use time. Install high gain antenna is very inconvenient to carry.

So, Using a repeater would be an excellent choice, such as Retevis RT97, small, light and handy, portable to carry.

We can see picture 2:

With the rt97 repeater, the communication range has extended at least doubled.

In coverage of rt97, A, B, C, D can talk with each other very well.

RT97 received the signal from A, Through their own mediation, then send out, all other radios in this range can talk with A.

This is a simple explanation of the RT97 working principle .

What’s actually inside of Retevis RT97, you can read this blog:


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