What you should consider before purchasing a walkie talkie?(1)

What you should consider before purchasing a walkie talkie?(1)

1.New user or amateur

If you are a new user to walkie talkie, mostly you no need advanced or complicated digital walkie talkie, analog radio will be better choice.
All Retevis analog radio, are pre-programmed, for the same model, they are all with exactly same setting, so just switch two radios to same channel to communicate is ok. Such as Retevis RT21, Retevis RT22, Retevis RT5,etc. is good choice for easy operating walkie talkie. If you are amateur, more professional on walkie talkie, then you can choose all retevis radios freely.

2.Easy to programming on PC or not  

If your working place is easy to get a computer, to make some programming on radio using software, then radio with no LCD display will be ok. But if you are always using radios outside, then a radio with a keyboard and LCD display will be better solution. You can program and make setting on the keyboard very convenient, this is the quickest way to begin radio communication. Retevis RT5 series with LCD display is a very good selling , in economical price.

3.Frequency band and the field you will use the walkie talkie

UHF has stronger penetrating ability in barrier, such as buildings, trees, etc.
While VHF has stronger ability to diffracting power.(evade from barriers)
So when you need using radios in urban, community,residential area,etc  which has many buildings and barriers, then mostly we suggest UHF band radio.
When you need using radios in a “open” , flat field, that has tiny barriers, such as you are having a trip on the sea, or you are working in a large, open farm, then why not choose VHF radio?


If you’re looking to monitor the airwaves and find who are talking(in the case of finding open channels), you should find a radio that has the scanning feature. A radio with scanning will scan through all the channels or frequencies and help you locate transmissions going on.


Retevis offer many radios with VOX function. When used with VOX, enables you to freely perform your job or hobby and operate your radio simultaneously.Make your communication handsfree.


If you have a high demand for your communication content privacy, maybe you are a police man, soldier,etc…besides CTCSS/DCS, you’d better choose the radio that has scramber or encryption.
Retevis RT1, RT21 as analog radios has scramber function, Retevis RT3, Retevis RT8 as digital radio has encryption function also.

7. GPS

If you are a fieldwork users, or you like hunting, you may like the radio that has GPS function, which you can send your GPS position to your partner in time, make yourself safer. Retevis RT8 GPS version, Retevis RT3 GPS version are the best choice.

You can email to kam@retevis.com, telling us your special requirement to use radios, we will recommend the radio most suitable for you. We are always here to help!

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