What’s the advantages of digital radio?

Now professional radio is taking a big step forward – the transition from analog to digital. Regulatory pressure and real-world demands are driving greater spectral efficiency. Digital radios have become the only choice for more and more amateur radio enthusiasts to get started, also for much business usage applications. Do you know what’s the advantages of digital radio?

What’s the advantages of digital radio?

1. Compared with analog radio system, the communication coverage is increased by 25 – 40%, and the sound remains strong and clear. This is achieved by translating your voice into a simplified digital language that can be transmitted more efficiently over greater distances. At the furthest distances covered, digital voice will be clear and intelligible, while analog voice will be jammed and masked by static, even with similar signal strengths.

2. Longer battery life, up to 40% longer run time

While analog and digital radios draw about the same amount of power in standby mode, digital radios are much more efficient once they start transmitting. This is critical for frequent and heavy users.

3. Clear static-free audio

Digital radio is able to separate the user’s voice from background noise to ensure your critical communications are heard clearly. Radio interference can create static on analog radios, making conversation unintelligible. Thanks to the automatic error correction function of digital radio, it can reconstruct the speech and maintain the clarity of the speech even if the signal is severely damaged.

4. Doubling capacity without increasing frequency

With digital, you can instantly double the capacity of your existing 12.5 kHz channel and enable more people to communicate without worrying about privacy or interference. Digital walkie-talkies have the ability to create two separate “channels” in one 12.5 kHz space, allowing room to be expanded without costly license adjustments.

5. Radio Specific Identification

For licensed radio amateurs, after getting their own call sign, they can apply for their own DMR ID.

6. Backward Compatibility

95% of digital radios also have analog capabilities. One hand station can satisfy the use of two modes.

7. More secure calls

The unique encryption method on the digital machine can ensure the security of your calls.

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