What’s the difference between FRS radio and GRMS radio?

FRS radio and GMRS radio are both very popular to use in USA. Retevis also have many FRS and GRMS walkie talkies. Do you know What’s the difference between FRS radio and GRMS radio?

FRS radio Like: RT22

FRS walkie talkie


FRS radio

GMRS radio like:


GMRS walkie talkie


GMRS radio

What’s the difference between FRS radio and GRMS radio?

FRS (Family Radio Service) radios transmit at 2 watts or less of power. FRS radios come with a fixed antenna and cannot be modified to amplify their signal to reach further distances. GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios transmit at over 2 watts of power but no more than 50 watts. GMRS radios can also be modified to have a stronger and farther-ranging signal with the help of an external antenna.

Before 1987, the FCC required that businesses using GMRS radios be licensed. In 1987, this law switched to individual users. Today, anyone above the age of 18 can apply for a GMRS license (no test required). The fee is $85 and the license is good for 5 years, where at which time it can be renewed. Businesses with licenses that were obtained prior to 1987 can still renew for a fee, but new businesses cannot apply as such. Only individuals can get new licenses, and the licenses of businesses that were grandfathered in cannot be changed drastically.

In addition to the licensee, their immediate family can also use the GMRS radio under their license. GMRS licensens can communicate with FRS users under the FCC law, along with other GMRS licensee holders.

FRS and GMRS Radios, Which One Should I Use?

Cost is a factor to consider, the cost of the radios themselves, and also the fee to get licensed. If you are a large company with employees, the licensing fee can be costly, but also well worth it. As a common user, an FRS radio is likely a better option for you.

Communicate range is another factor, if you need longer range, if you need longer range, then choose GMRS radio, if you need shorter range, then choose FRS radio.

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