Difference between Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR700

Retevis RT10 is 902-928 MHz digital and analog mode license-free radio.  For Retevis fans, this band is the new one. But lots of people know Motorola DTR series radio, like the model DTR700. Its DTR series radios are also the 902-928 mhz.

So what’s the difference between our Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR series? We will take the model RT10 and Model DTR700 to compare.

First, let’s we check what these two models look like:

So what’s the difference between Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR700?

1, With display and without display

Retevis RT10 comes without display, and Motorola DTR700 comes with the display. As we know, lots of customers order the 900MHZ band license-free radio for their business. Even though the radio with display can help you to check more informations, but it also let the workers or partners to change the radio settings accidentally.

Also, without display, it will help saving battery, for business, long standby will be a good choice.

2, Channel number

Retevis RT10 supports up to 128 channels, and Motorola DTR700 supports up to 50 channels. Retevis RT10 comes with 8 zones, and each zone has 16 channels, so total 128 channels.

This will offer you more choice when choosing the channel to talk with others.

3, The radio size

Retevis RT10 with the size 136×60×36mm(Not including the antenna), and Motorola DTR700 with the size 128.5mmx 56mmx 27mm.

4, Different accessories

Retevis RT10 comes with the kenwood 2pin connector, but the Motorola DTR70 comes with the Motorola 2pin.

5, The selling price

Retevis RT10 now has a special price, USD89.99 for 1 set 900 band digital license-free radio, but Motorola DTR70 with the selling price USD349.00.

If you are looking for an afforable and cost-effective 900 mhz license-free digital radio, Retevis RT10 will be a perfect choice.

What are the similarities between Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR700?

1, Two models are all the license-free radios

Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR700 are all the latest digital license-free radios, all two models are using the 900mhz band.

2, All support the private call, group call and all call

Because they all two are digital model license-free radio, so two models are supported the group call and private call, all call.

3, Application Scenarios

They two models are great for retailers, retailers, educators, restauranteurs, hoteliers.  Will help you to build the small business communcaitions.

4, RF Output power are same

Retevis RT10 comes with the output power 1 watt, and Motorola is the same.


They two models 900mhz digital license-free radios will be an easy solution for your small business communication needs.  Looking for the cost-effective radio, why not choose Retevis RT10?


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