RA85 GMRS farm radio

Where will you use the RA85 GMRS radio?

RA85 GMRS radio is a super good radio for farming. GMRS radios are popular and widely used in farming, and the GMRS repeater is popular as well. So, after forming a cycle, the GMRS radio is used more widely and commonly in agriculture.

The central states of the United States have become the main agricultural production areas because of the flat and open terrain, the extensive development of agriculture, the gradual expansion of the agricultural land area, and the increasing number of agricultural companies. So, the repeaters are widely used, and farmers have to use long-distance radios. Is farm radio important for farmers? Most!

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RA85 considered the actual needs of farmers, such as the double number of channels, screen and keyboard, dual standby, and long-distance.

As we know, at harvest time, harvesters and trucks are booked by farmers from agricultural machinery companies. The companies have their radios and working frequencies. So, in the joint harvest, to build a common communication channel, farmers need more frequency and channels.


  • The RA85 provides 60 channels to help with joint work calls in agriculture. And the dual standby mode can receive 2 calls to keep the timeliness and effectiveness. In summer and fall, the weather changes rapidly with disasters like rainstorms and tornados.
  • To forecast the bad weather, the NOAA function is necessary for farmers, it will help farmers receive the weather forecast to reschedule the farm wort and reduce the damage.
  • In farming, the working unit is far away from each other, so farmers and workers have to have more rights to operate their radios. However, the normal business radios remove the screen and keyboard to reduce the operating error. RA85 renews the screen and keyboard to help farmers change the functions on radios to meet their needs.
  • The high power of RA85 is 5W and the low power is 0.5W, farmers can adjust the power according to their using scenario.


The RA85 is a rare agricultural radio. If you are an expert or influencer in agriculture, we’d like to invite you to review and test it on your channel; If you are the manager of an agriculture company or organization, please contact us to get a wholesales discount; And if you want to know more about the farm radios or business radios, please focus on our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We hope to receive your ideas or suggestions.


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