Which one radio have Room Monitor?

Which one radio have Room Monitor? It should be RETEVIS RT45.

Many of our customers told us, they are looking for long distance radio. And it can be use to listen their baby in a resort during sleeping hours.
The product should be able to listen the room/ bedroom without any action from anyone.

We recommend him Retevis RT45. Because it is a appropriate product for long rang distance.
And it have a function called Room Monitor can satisfy his needs.

Retevis RT45 is a entry Level Outdoor licence-free two way radios, you can keep in touch with your friend or your family during Outdoor Activities.
Such as trip, hike, or a funny weekend camping in the countryside.

It is very simple, and no need to program. It’s body is Grey and white match, Looks more suitable for home use.

How to use the Room Monitor of RT45?

We use the RT45-A with RT45-B to test.

①Please Press the key of MENU to power on ;
②Press “Menu” to choose the channel, press the up and down to channel up and channel down.
Then choose the same channel on RT45-A & RT45-B( the key as the picture blow).
③ Repetition Press the “Menu” to choose the Sub-code, you can also press the up and down to choose the same sub-code on RT45-A & RT45-B(the key as the picture blow) .

④Please be sure set two radio as the same channel & Sub-code, then press one of the radio such as RT45-A “SEL”.
Then You will see a monitor indicator in the LCD, the icon looks like a earpieces(as the picture below), it is indicates room monitor start up successful.

⑤To Test: RT45-A can be placed in baby’s room, RT45-B is in your here, you can listen your baby’s any movement.

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