Why choose Retevis RT85 as ham radio?

Why choose Retevis RT85 as ham radio?

Retevis RT85 is an afforable dual band two-way radio for beinngers. It is the dual band UHF and VHF, dual standby 5W analogue mode radio. For beginners, it is the best radios. Because it has lots of features:

1, Afforable

Not like the other ham radios with the high price, Retevis RT85 with the retail sale price only USD29.99. It is earier to own for those hams who don’t have much money.

2, VFO mode

Retevis RT85 with the VFO mode, you can make the temporary call. You can change the frequency in VFO mode.

3, FPP(Front Panel Programmable)

Lots of functions can be edit by its keypad. No need to use the computer, you can change the frequency, CTCSS in frequency mode. Also you can turn on the alarm function, scan, monitor and other functions by its keypad.

4, Not very big Size

Some hams like the big size ham radios, but some don’t like. If you want to find the smaller size, you can consider Retevis RT85.

5, Local Alarm and remote Alarm

Ham radios also can be used for emergency resuce, outdoor activities and others, so ham radios with the alarm function is very important. When team in the same channel and can talk with each other, When you are in danger, you need help, just press the button, the alarm will sound from your team member radios.

6, FM radio function

You can receive the frequency from 64-108mhz FM radio.

7, CTCSS/DCS SCAN function

Retevis RT85 has the CTCSS/DCS scan function, You can scan the ctcss/dcs code to know which code is working.

8, Flashlight


These functions are the reasons Why choose Retevis RT85 as ham radio?

Quickly to Choose Retevis RT85 as ham radio. Any questions about Retevis RT85. Please leave messages or email us: partner@retevis.com

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3 thoughts on “Why choose Retevis RT85 as ham radio?”

  1. Hello Is there away to enter into CPS advanced mode for RT85? With my RT52 I can enter advance mode with “SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+F11” and enter password “DMR00000”. thank you

  2. thank you for your response. The reason I asked is I know the Beken BK4815 used in the radio has support for 4 frequency bands, the radio uses lowest and highest frequency bands, there are two middle bands that are not used in the radio.

    If the 2nd band on the chip could be enabled the radio could be used on US 1.25M Amateur Band.

    Another issue I see is trying to set repeater offset for 70cm band. The default offset is 5.0MHz. It takes a very. very long time to enter this offset using the front buttons. It would be easier if you could select the offset by entering it directly with numeric keypad.

    thank you

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