MURS radio——Retevis RT47

Why Do You Need a MURS radio——Retevis RT47?

MURS Radio Range – As far as the range of the MURS radio is concerned, here is the basic guideline:

  • With a clear line of sight – up to 3 miles
  • Normal conditions – up to 1.5 miles
  • Forested/Hilly area – half a mile out

 The biggest reason why people are using MURS walkie-talkies is that the MURS walkie-talkie usually is license-free radio. And for Retevis products, the product quality is excellent. You do not need to use a HAM radio to access the VHF band. This means you do not need a license. You just need to get a legitimate MURS 2-way radio and you are ready to go.

Another reason why people will benefit from using MURS is that it is fairly new. And it is restricted for use only by the certified MURS radio units. This means that there are not that many users, so incessant radio chatter, which is always present in other frequency bands, can be avoided. So it is very suitable for businesses, you will not be disturbed by some junk signals! Because there are not too many people using it, so you can easily find channels even though you forget saving the channels.

MURS radio——Retevis RT47
MURS radio——Retevis RT47

For our RT47 MURS:

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Promotes interference-free, fast, and efficient communications
  • Easy and simple operations
  • Assures users of hands-free operation
  • Good sound quality and solid product
  • Simple to use and long-range

also, we have another type of MURS walkie-talkie such as RT27. You can have a specific look.

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