POC radio for fleet

Why do you need POC radio for fleet?

Why do you need POC radio for fleet?

POC radio is widely used for fleet, Using a Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) radio for fleet communication has many benefits.

POC radio for fleet

Do you know the advantages for use POC for fleet?

Firstly, POC radios are equipped with a dedicated push-to-talk button (PTT) and a heavy-duty speaker that reduces audio distortion. Ensuring clear communication between fleet drivers and dispatchers.

Secondly, POC systems allow radio users to connect to others through data networks. Providing a more reliable and cost-effective way of communication compared to traditional radio systems .

Moreover, POC radio network that offers nationwide radio coverage over cellular/mobile networks. Enabling fleet drivers to communicate in areas where traditional radio signals may not be available. Overall, using a POC radio system for fleet communication can improve communication efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better coverage in areas where traditional radio signals may not work.

In addition, POC radio is normally Low cost

After using POC radio, you can only pay data fee, but no need pay communication fee like phone. Also no repeater need to expand the communication range. Just with a POC radio, you can talk very far.

Strong desktop management platform
Controller can get instant tracking position of any individuals in the team, as well as talk to individual or teams with pressing one button on PC.

management platform
Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) radios are not only used in fleet communication but are also employed in various other sectors. POC radios can be used in industries such as construction, security, events management, hospitality, and public safety, where communication is critical and time-sensitive. POC radios can also be used by individuals who require instant communication with a group of people, such as hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to this, POC radio systems can be integrated with dispatching and fleet management software to track driver locations and travel routes with time. POC systems also provide advantages such as wide-area coverage, rapid deployment with no radio infrastructure expenses, unlimited channels, and low latency communication.

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