RB27 and rt5 to become a prepper

Why do you need to be a PREPPER?

Why do you need to be a PREPPER? Maybe you have also seen the recent flood disaster in a city in central China, which is also the city where the marketing center of our reeves is located. In such a big city with a population of tens of millions, all were affected by the disaster yesterday. Water damage on the road, floating vehicles, trapped pedestrians, unpredictable threats of electric shock and natural gas explosion, etc., are like the end of the day.

We never know when the disaster will happen, nor can we know how helpless we are in the face of the disaster.

Since yesterday afternoon, we have successively received disaster warnings, traffic is paralyzed, there is not enough water and food, and telecommunications are out of service. We laughed from the beginning to the silence at the end, and our hearts were heavy.

We are discussing that if the trapped people have a walkie-talkie, they can establish a communication channel with the rescued police, and they can also ask the outside world for help. If there is a walkie-talkie in the car, they can use external forces when they are trapped in the car. Rescued…

Prepper/survivalist/SHTF are the people who can get more chances of survival in such a disaster.

Under normal circumstances, Prepper will prepare a safer place for survival, such as a basement. Will prepare water, food, first aid kit, clothes and shoes, and protective equipment in the safe house. But this can only ease the survival dilemma for a short time, and more still need to communicate with the outside world and get better help. At this time, the mobile phone has become a decoration, and the walkie-talkie will be your trusted partner.

In an emergency, many ways to call for help will be understood without hurting others. As a traditional enthusiast walkie-talkie, RT5 uses UHF and VHF frequency long-distance 2 way radios to contact more people and deliver more Signals. But in daily life, if you do not get a license, you will only be able to use exempt frequencies, such as FRS, PMR, FreeNet, etc.

If you want a radio that can be used legally at ordinary times.  The RB27 series walkie-talkies will be a good choice. If you have a license, you can use the RB27 GMRS walkie-talkie in the United States. If you don’t have a license, the RB27B FRS walkie-talkie can also help you in the Americas. If you are in a European country, the PMR446 version of RB627B will serve you. And the German FreeNet version is applicable. In Germany.

Retevis’s radios have the characteristics of low price, good quality, good service, and understanding of customer needs. So they are very suitable for putting in your first aid kit. If you want to go out, our outdoor walkie-talkies are also a very good choice.


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