MURS radios on agriculture

Why are MURS radios used in agriculture?

The MURS radios are also license-free radios in the US, and they are working in the VHF license-free frequency band, so it is a good way for agriculture companies to use MURS radios on agriculture work. So, here are 4 reasons to descript why are MUTS radios used in agriculture.

  1. License-free. Small and medium-sized agricultural companies account for the majority, so it is a no-burden option for companies and employees. Because companies don’t have to apply for a certificate from the FCC, employees can easily learn to use radio. MURS radios are also cheaper than licensed radios, making them suitable for companies to purchase in bulk. So small and medium-sized agricultural companies are better suited to MURS radio.
  2. VHF frequency range. In open fields, it is clear that VHF works better. Because it can travel longer distances. A MURS radio can talk longer in a field than an FRS radio with the same power. In agriculture, we use it in open spaces, so why not MURS radio?
  3. Rechargeable antenna. The antenna of GMRS radio is not removable and replaceable, and the antenna of FRS radio is very short due to power limitation, which is also not removable. But the HA06 antenna, for example, is designed for MURS radio. A high-gain antenna helps MURS radio achieve greater range.
  4. Longer use time and lower consumption. FRS radio consumes more power faster and has a shorter battery life due to its higher frequency. MURS radios, by contrast, consume less, so the battery life is longer. In this sense, farmers do not need to prepare more replacement batteries.

Maybe you are interested in some MURS radios, so here are 3 radios that are recommended to you.


It is a small and lightweight radio with a hidden screen. It can conveniently stay in your pocket or belt.


4400MAh large battery capacity with USB charger method.


A screen and functional buttons radio for convenient use.

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