Preppers need ham radio License

Why Preppers Need Their HAM License?

Preppers need Their HAM License?

Many Preppers will think I don’t need a license when meeting the emergency or disaster. So No need to get the ham license.

For lots of Preppers don’t have the Ham radio License, so they can only use the license-free radios. And  everyone knows the license-free radio has the limited output power: PMR446 with the power less than 0.5w and FRS band with the power less than 2w.

So for the license-free radio, they have the limited the range. So if you want the long range communication Radio, you need to get the license, no matter business license or Ham radio License.

Also for lots of license-free radios, they don’t have enough functions to help you when meet the emergency.

That’s for Beginners Preppers. But if you are the experienced Prepper, We suggest you get the Ham radio License.

How to Get the Ham radio License?

First, you need to choose the level of license. For US, there are three classes of licenses that are offered by the FCC.

Level 1: Technician License

Level 2: General License

Level 3: Extra License

If you’re new to ham radio, then you have to pass the Technician License first.

Second, Study For The Exam.

The Technician and General License exams each have 35 Questions. To pass the test and get your license, you have to get at least 26 questions right out of the 35 questions.

Also you can contact with your local ham radio club to get help.

Third, Take Your Exam In-Person

If you have contacted your local club, they will help you and inform you the information about the Exam.

At last, Congratulations, You’ve Earned Your License!

The Ham radio license will Allow:

  • HAM radio allows you to communicate with people at much greater distances

This is very important, because the ham will work even your mobile phone doesn’t work. It helps you and your family to send and receive information during an emergency or disaster

  • Ham Radio allows you to make friends who have the same hobby, no matterr Ham radio or Preppers
  • Ham radio helps us continue to communicate with each other. No matter what happens to you, you can use your ham radio to communicate with your friends, your preppers group.
  • You can listen to other broadcast stations such as the NOAA weather channel and other emergency broadcasts.
  • You can practice how to use your ham radio in your daily life. Operate a HAM Radio is an excellent survival skill, if you don’t have the license, you can not practice, and then you will not know how to operate the ham radio.
  • Lots of Preppers own the ham radio, but don’t have the license, if you use, it is illegal.


Ok, now we can prepare. Prepare the foods, waters, and other things. Prepare the communcation equipment, Practice how to use them.  Preppers need to get Their HAM License.

Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!


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