Why Switch from Analog to Retevis Digital Radios?

Are your analog two-way radios getting noisier? Do your radio batteries still last long enough? If you’re noticing your radios need to be repaired more often, it might be time to take a look at Retevis digital based radio.

Four Reasons Digital Radios Outperform Analog Radios

  1. Better Voice Quality – Automatic error correction capabilities maintain the clarity of voice, even with background noise or a corrupted signal. Speech is digitally encoded, which means advanced algorithms can deliver clear voice in extreme conditions.
  2. Greater Capacity – Exceptional bandwidth far outreaches what analog can offer. In fact, it’s so efficient, it allows you to double the capacity of your existing 12.5kHz channel which can lower your licensing costs.
  3. Stronger Coverage – Digital performs better even at the far edges of coverage. Built-in error correction helps eliminate the static, background noise, and voice distortion that can occur with analog radios as you reach the limits of coverage.
  4. Longer Battery Life – While battery life is a challenge for all mobile devices, digital technology is much more efficient. Digital radios provide up to 40% longer battery life allowing DMR radio users the ability to communicate the entire day without needing to recharge.
RT29D DMR Portable Radio
RT29D DMR Portable Radio

Making the Switch to Digital Radios is Costly

Cost is often one of the biggest concerns for any business contemplating a move to digital. But cost isn’t the issue you might think it is. In fact, using a digital two-way radio system like Retevis DMR is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your expenses, while getting more features.

Digital radios can also reduce your bandwidth imprint and costs. With digital, you can immediately double the capacity of your existing 12.5 kHz channel – greatly minimizing license costs and increasing the flexibility of your currently licensed spectrum.

Going forward, you’ll realize more predictable capital and operating expenses thanks to the greater visibility into usage patterns that digital provides, so you can manage your infrastructure more efficiently.

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