Why to choose this radio RT35?

Why choose this walkie talkie RT35? Does this model have some special? Here i will Give some features about RT35


Unique shape:

This model  RT35 is designed by Retevis,and we have the design patent. So no matter where you see this model,it is made by Retevis.


Best color matches:

RT35 have Two colors: Blue and Orange.A little like the Tai Chi in China: with two parts:Black and White

Speical Function:

Clock Alarm. When people talk about the walkie talkie,we just know communicate with others. But this model RT35 has the Clock Alarm Function,it will remind of you and your kids to wake up on time ,and say” Good Morning” to your kids.

How to set the Clock Alarm? Press the Menu 10 times when LCD display a logo about Clock alarm,you can set it .see the picture below:

Good anti-impact:

RT35 With the excellent PC material,you will not have worried when kids throw it anywhere.


Retevis. Retevis is not only a selling company,but also with the design research .We have many models for different user like: Ham radio,Business radio,Outdoor radio and Children radio.And for Children Radios, we have many models likes below:

So please don’t hesitate to choose us:Retevis,And don’t hesitate to click here to know more about Walkie talkie RT35: www.retevis.com/rt35




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