10 customer customization and Usage scenarios of RT97 Repeater

10 customer customization and Usage scenarios of RT97 Repeater

Since the launch of Retevis RT97, we have received many inquiries from customers.

They come from all over the world and have different customization requirements and usage. We have helped them customize a lot of RT97 repeaters.

Many of them are using our RT97 , and give us a lot of positive feedback about It.

Today, let’s take a look at ten of the customization needs and usage scenarios. It aims to help you better know whether RT97 is suitable for your needs.

Customer 1:

Country: Brazil

Customization needs:

CHANNEL 1: RX: 452.22500 TX:462.22500

CHANNEL 2: RX:452.23500 TX:462.23500

Offset: 10Mhz

Usage scenarios:

The Brazil customers told us he uses  RT97 for a farm, to Expand the walkie talkie’s talking distance between farms.

He installs the antenna on the top of a Water tower, Effective extension of call distance.

Customer 2:

Country: USA

Customization needs:

Transmit low 467.725

Rec high 462.725


Usage scenarios:

They want to use RT97 to extend the communication of Retevis H777 walkie talkies, And they did.


Country: Malta

Customization needs:RT97 UHF Repeater + White aluminum base antenna 390-470 MHz

Rec: 445.075 CT 97.4

Tx: 455.075 CT 97.4

Offset: 10MHZ

Usage scenarios:

He is a reseller, he bought RT97 for his client, the customization needs by his customers.


Country: America

Customization needs:

For GMRS radios as a GMRS repeater.

Usage scenarios:

They are looking for a repeater for their Boy Scouts of America Summer Camp.


Country: USA

Customization needs:

RT97 transmits freq of 465.6750 Mhz and RT97 receive frequency of 462.6750 Mhz.

5 Mhz delta and common for GMRS

Usage scenarios:

Need an RT97 for a community CERT activity.


Country: Panama

Customization needs:

Tx 467.700 Mhz,. Rx 462.700 Mhz. 

Offset: 5Mhz

PL/CTC 100.00.

Usage scenarios:

Coffee Roasting, production, and warehousing area.


Country: Danmark

Customization needs:

TX: 461.500

RX: 451.500


Usage scenarios:

For Resell online.



Country: USA

Customization needs:

Tx- 463.6125

Rx- 453.6125


Usage scenarios:

Use those radios at their camp with their staff.



Country: Germany

Customization needs:

Tx: 466.69000,


offset 10Mhz,

Usage scenarios:

Used For community services.


Country: USA

Customization needs:

Rt97 VHF Repeater

Receive =154.1375 Narrow, Tone 156.7

Transmit =159.4725 Narrow, Tone 156.7


Usage scenarios:

Public Safety.

This is the customer requirement and Usage scenarios of 10 customers, in addition to this, we also have many more other customization needs.

Such as one client told us he need 5mhz Offset In the USA, The repeater Tx is lower than the Rx frequency.

The repeater receives (rx) on 467.7250. And (tx) on 462.7250.

He would need this set up with 16 channels same freq with different pl tones. Yes, we can do that.

Besides, We received some demand from hams, they hope we can do a DMR Repeater for Amateur Radio, the same as RT97.

Yes, it will be our next research and development target.

What are your usage scenarios? Tell us your needs, Let’s customize it for you, You will feel the speed and convenience of long-distance calls, RT97 will be your best choice!

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