RT97 communication for Security guards

Property status of property wireless communication

The development for economy and society, at the same time the people’s living standard has also risen. The residential district is bigger and bigger, so the property management became very important.

But there is a question about the communication. In order to ensure service quality and response time, they need to build the wireless communication.

Because there are many underground parkings, Inside the elevators and high buildings. So the simple solution can’t meet the requires.

So here we introduce a solution: use a mobile repeater with your handheld radio.

Target customers 

Property security, supermarket

RT97 communication for Security guards

RT97 Repeater +RT21 Radio

Our RT97 with the price only $399, and 5PCS RT21 $99.99 (of course, buy more, discount more), 10PCS RT21+RT97 is only one-third of our RT9550 DMR repeater price, and can perfectly solve your needs.



RT97 communication for Security guards

RT97 Repeater+RT21 UHF Radio communication system can help users in various usage departments of the property to complete real-time communication and communication tasks efficiently according to the communication environment of the property.

1) Manager, mobile security. The personnel jurisdiction of this position is large and often moving, and it is necessary to ensure the ability and stability of the intercom to make long-distance calls. Ordinary walkie-talkies can’t meet the demand, so RT97 needs to expand the distance.

After our field test RT97+RT21 (2W) machine distance up to 10KM, and RT21 VOX FUNCTION, free your hands

  • Building manager and engineering staff. The staff of this position is mainly active in the interior of the floor, and it is inherently heavy. Our RT21 is light and easy to carry; and the UHF frequency has strong penetration ability on each floor.

3) Security guards at the booth and front desk staff. The staff of this position is basically working in a fixed position, and the RT21 has good battery life and can be used for a long time.

Therefore RETEVIS RT97+RT21 is cheap and light to use the simplest combination.



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