10W Handheld UHF Radio Retevis RT86

RT86 is 10W Handheld UHF Radio with long battery life. It fits well in the hand, hidden display is a nice touch and works well. So no worries about display scratches. Many Customers was impressed with its size and features. Learn more details here!

Solid and Shatterproof Screen

Different from other radios with display, RT86 comes with hidden display, which is 1.4 Inch digital tube screen. This kind of display is more durable since it will not get worn. It is easy to check current channel and power status on the display.

10W Handheld UHF Radio RT86
10W Handheld UHF Radio RT86

2600 mAh Rechargeable Battery

RT86 is bulit with high capacity battery, up to 2600 mAh.  And it also has battery save function. So it supports long battery life which can be used continuously for 12-18 hours.

Wireless Clone Function

Wireless clone function means that cloning the settings of a walkie talkie to other walkie talkies of the same model. With this function, you can let two RT86 copy with each other without setting them by software from the PC. So it can make communication between two radios easier.

Local and Remote Alarm

This radio supports local and remote alarm. By turning on this function, your radio will send emergency alarm and will trigger on another radio. This function can help you call friends when you are in danger, provide protection for your job or outdoor.

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