How to choose Analog repeater RT97 version?

Retevis RT97 repeater is a very good economical analog repeater, because it’s remarkable advantages as below:

1.Economical price: one RT97 is only less than $300, but it can resolve your requirement about extend the radio communication range.
2.Portable size and light weight:
Around 2.5kg in weight, With the package size: 310×283×170mm. smart size, convenient to take indoor or outdoor

RT97 portable repeater

3.Matching accessories selectable:
The longer and better quality antenna, thicker and better Coaxial Extend Cable.

RT97 repeater set

4.Poweful extend range ability: 2W radio can catch around 8km range in the city, 10W radio can catch around 14km in the city. (final range based on actual communication surroudings)

Because of above advantages, RT97 analog repeater is very hot selling. But some customers don’t know, how to choose the RT97, because you will see 3 different versions on www.retevis.com.

How to choose Retevis RT97 repeater version?

RT97 frequency selectable
Version 1: stock

We have stock frequency, with UHF and VHF RT97 frequency as below:

UHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:463.3125mhz and RX:453.3125MHZ
VHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:162.6125mhz and RX:152.6125MHZ

If your handheld radio is UHF frequency radio, that can programme to have a frequency of
Rx:463.3125mhz and TX:453.3125MHZ, you can choose the UHF stock frequency.

If your handheld radio is VHF frequency radio, that can programme to have a frequency of
Rx:162.6125mhz and TX:152.6125MHZ , you can choose the VHF stock frequency. RT97 UHF and VHF STOCK frequency version, we have stock, can ship out in 3-5 days.

Version 2: GMRS frequency

RT97 GMRS frequency

If you have GMRS radio, like Retevis RT76P, you can choose RT97 GMRS version to extend range of your GMRS handheld radio directly. RT97 GMRS we have stock, can ship out in 3-5 days.

Version 3: customized frequency

If you have specially required frequency, please just tell us the Receive and Transmit frequency you need for RT97 repeater, normally, within offset of 5-12Mhz, we can customize for you, it takes 10-12 days to to customize.

Any inquiry for RT97 repeater, please feel free to leave message under the post. Thanks!


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