2019 Top Selling Waterproof Radio RT48

2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48

Want to own a waterproof walkie-talkie, but don’t know how to choose?

If you use it for commercial use or family, I would strongly recommend Retevis RT648/RT48

This 2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 was released in 2019, is a new type of licence-free waterproof walkie-talkie.


What makes retevis rt648/rt48 become the top selling?

1: License-free Two Way Radio

A fully legal license-free walkie-talkie, no need to worry about violating local laws or taking time to get a license. We named two different models to distinguish different frequencies.

RT648 is license-free PMR446 radio, suitable for European countries. RT48 is license-free FRS radio, suitable for the United States and Canada.

2: IP67 Grade Dustproof Waterproof

Excellent waterproof performance, no longer need to worry about rainy days or accidental fall into the water. Of course, you can also wash your radio when it is covered with dust.

3: Out of box,easy pairing

Without complicated operation and frequency setting, it can be easily mastered in one minute. Turn on the radio, choose the same channel,then press and hold PTT to speak, so easy, right?

4: One-button to open hands-free

VOX, also known as hands-free, can release your hands. Two customizable side keys provide great ease of use. First you should define a shortcut key for VOX in the software,then you can enable or disable VOX through shortcut key.

5: 16 Available Channels

16 channel capacity can perfectly solve the problem of channel occupancy in dense commercial areas, and also it can be applied to some large companies that they always have many departments, and each department needs to use different channel.

6: Rich optional accessories

Considering the privacy of the call and some quiet occasions, we designed two types headphone accessories. Other optional accessories, such as shoulder microphone, charger, if you have the need, please feel free to contact us.


Talk range is subject to terrain and conditions,Usually in the city, the talk range can up to 1Km and in the open area it can up to 3Km.


For family use, RT648/RT48 can be a good solution to your instant communication needs. For commercial use, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc., RT648/RT48 can not only help you build wireless communication systems, but also be compatible with your existing intercom system.

Wanna to know more about this 2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48? Click here: https://www.retevis.com/waterproof-ip67-license-free-business-radio-rt48

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