Retevis Backpack Repeater RT93

Retevis RT93, as the backpack portable repeater. It comes with Digital mode and Analog mode, can save 1024 channels. More specification:

Let’s check the picture of this backpack repeater first.

For this backpack digital repeater RT93, it has the Antenna interface, witht the power, data extension and interface in the side. Like the below picture:

The details of the interface: Power on/off, internet port, High/lower power, Speaker Mic and Programming port, DC 12V power port and Power adpter interface.

The features of this backpack repeater RT93:

  • Easy to Carry.

1, This repeater has the built-in battery, don’t worry about the power when use outdoor.

2, It comes with the backpack, put the RT93 repeater into the backpack then carry it easy.

  • Support the network like 4G, Ip network.

Flexible IP networking: The device is connected in an IP interconnection mode, and supports wired access mode or wireless access modes such as WIFI, 3G/4G, and satellite communication to implement voice and data communication.

  • Dual time slot channel: Support standard DMR dual-slot working mode.
  • Adjustable transmit power: The transmit power can be adjusted according to actual needs, from 1 to 25 watts.
  • Channels supported: Up to 1024 channel


If you want more about this backpack repeater, you can find here:

Retevis now has more models of repeaters, if you want to know about them, you can email us here:

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