2021 Retevis New Models Collection

2021 Retevis New Models Collection. Do you know how many models Retevis recently released? Here we will summary these models and  mark the features to help you purchasing.

 New Models Digital Portable Mini Repeater RT97P

The apperance is similar to the model RT97, but the RT97P with the digital mode, can extend the digital mode two way radios’ range.

 New Models GMRS Long range High power Radio RB27

Retevis RB27 is the GMRS band licensed long range two way radio, with the NOAA channels, LCD display and rechargerable battery supported.

 New Models 4K Body Camera RT77B

RT77B is the Body-Worn Police Body Camera. 32GB memory, powerful 4000mAh battery, 2 inch HD color LCD monitor and 2160P HD recording functions. The best gear for your security business, and very easy to record your woking, hiking trip, bicycle trip and ski trip.

EEK013 Bluetooth headset with wireless PTT

This is the accessories for the handheld two way radios. Help radios connecting with the wireless headset by bluetooth. Also offer the Wireless PTT. When you driving or bicycling, no need to press the radio’s PTT, just install the Wireless PTT on your steering whell or bicycle handle bars.

Retevis will do the best to produce better radios and accessories in 2021. Retevis New Models Collection. And if you have any idea or suggestion, please leave message or email us here: partner@retevis.com

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