Retevis RB17A GMRS radio for outdoor skiing

When you choose a radio for outdoor skiing, do you know how to choose the best radio?

Retevis RB17A GMRS radio for outdoor skiing is a great option, there are some features to meet with outdoor skiing

1. GMRS handled radio

RB17A is a GMRS handheld radio, it’s very suitable to fit family application because only one of the members has a GMRS license. Other members also can use it. 5W output power, you can make farther distance communicate with your partner

 GMRS radio for outdoor skiing

2. Bright-coloured green

RB17A in green and black, especially, the green is a big light spot. It’s very easy to find when the radio drops into surrounding snows

 GMRS radio

3. 4400mAh large-capacity

Enough battery capacity, you needn’t always worry if you still can go to talk

RB17A, 4400mAh battery capacity, which keeps the radio long time standby, you can free feel to make skiing and talking

4. Emergency alarm function

Outdoor activities, what situations may happen any time. If the radio has an Emergency alarm function, which can help you get from danger, however, RB17A exactly has this feature

5. Vox function

RB17A has a vox function, that’s to say, you can make it hands-free to talk, plus one earpiece, you can freely make skiing

Retevis GMRS radio

After look through this article, do you know the reason why I recommend RB17A GMRS radio for outdoor skiing? Sure, if you would like to learn more about RB17A radio, there’re some articles to introduce it

Except for RB17A GMRS radio fits outdoor skiing, other Retevis radios are very suitable. such as RT45, RT29, if you’re interested, pls feel free to email us via



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