RT77B 4K Camera and Family Outdoor Adventure

In 2021, the RT77B 4K Camera newly developed and produced by RETEVIS is officially launched. RT77B not only has 32G memory space, 4000 mAh battery capacity, 170-degree wide-angle photography, long lens recording, and waterproof. In addition, RT77B has the functions of face recognition and infrared control. RT77B can also set a password, with high security. The compact camera is very portable. RT77B 4K Camera and Family Outdoor Adventure are perfectly suitable.

First of all, for family outdoor adventures, RT77B can be used as a recorder for family members. Because it is light and easy to handle, children can also use it. Record the growth moments of children at any time.

Secondly, outdoor riding. Riders can fix the RT77B in front of the bicycle and record the driving process. The battery capacity of 4000 mAh, continuous recording for 8 hours, is really amazing. RT77B 4K Camera and Family Outdoor Adventure are perfectly suitable.

Third, ski records. RT77B is very suitable for ski lovers to record the slope and height of snow slopes. Skiers can hang RT77B at the position of the lapel of their clothes, or hang it on the helmet, so they can record the skiing process without burden. This will witness your skiing experience.

Third, it is equally convenient for construction sites and fire fighting. Shoot the scene at any time as a video record. At the same time, RT77B also has audio and photo recording, which is very convenient.

What other scenarios do you think RT77B can be used for?

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