The 3 best scenarios for using RT22P radio

How does the RT22P compare to the RT22 when you think the RT22 is already a free radio? Light as a feather. At just 105G, the RT22P is arguably one of the lightest commercial radios. It’s also the thinnest radio. Can you find anything 15mm thin around you? It could be the height of a round piece of sugar, it could be the height of a small cookie.

What users like it the most?


First, hotel personnel. When a guest needs a pillow, what method can the hotel use to deliver the pillow to the guest’s room within 2 minutes? Guests call the front desk, which notifies floor staff. Radios only need to press the PTT to establish a call, and the portable radio will not miss any calls. Mobile phones are certainly possible, but using them in front of guests can cause resentment. Therefore, RT22P is a super portable radio, very suitable for hotel staff use.



Second, restaurant staff. Waiters, kitchen staff, cash registers, and administrative staff need frequent phone calls. When a customer walks into a restaurant, the front desk clerk needs to check with the restaurant staff whether there is a table available. When the customer orders, the kitchen staff needs to inform the waiter to take the food. When the customer checks out, the waiter and the cashier confirm the bill. So, radios are used frequently and efficiently in restaurants. The RT22P is easier to wear and easy to use with headphones.


Third, community officers/volunteers. Community events such as swaps, jumble sales, donations, games, and sponsorships also require frequent calls. If you are a community advocate, you can talk to the radio’s scanning function to communicate with nearby people who are using the radio, a new invitation is even more attractive.

The RT22P is safe and reliable to use, and its light and thin features are very popular with employees. It’s cheaper (check prices), if you need to buy more for your business, please contact Support or talk to us on Facebook for a better solution and price list.


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