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What do you need for your spring planting campaign?

There is a lot of trade in agriculture these days, from seeds and fertilizers to farm machinery. No doubt every farmer is preparing for the coming Spring planting season. This list contains 5 things you have to do to check:

  1. Check your equipment and tools. Check that your fences need repair, that your machinery needs cleaning and repair, and that you have enough machine oil when gas prices are skyrocketing. If some large agricultural equipment is ready to be inspected, it is best to invite professionals to come to inspect in advance to avoid problems in the process of use.
  2. Patrol the territory, trim the fences. Hedges and climbing plants need to be built in advance to protect the breeding season. Check your soil for seeds to germinate and grow.
  3. Work with your farm manager or department on various documents, such as contract terms, tax forms, etc. You also need to know the latest policies and benefits for this year.
  4. Take care of yourself. It takes a long time from planting to harvesting, and there is very important agricultural work to be done in each season or even each month. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep yourself healthy.
  5. Try new things, new seeds, new tools, and new ideas. Try growing new crops or vegetables by getting reports from the Department of Agriculture, and you may have a different harvest. Especially for vegetable and fruit growers, you will gain more advantages when your vegetable or fruit is unique in the market. Are you still on the phone with other farmers? Why not try radio? With no additional communication charges, you can make unlimited calls by pressing the PTT button. Or turn on VOX for voice transmission.

Here are some farm radios for you to prepare for your preparing works.

RT67 super-large battery capacity can help you work for a whole day. If you have to work on the field for a day without a charger, this radio can make you online for a day.

RT98 car radio bundle with UHF/VHF/FreeNet versions. If you are a licensed radio user, you can use both UHF and VHF bands (depending on your license required), but if you are a German farmer with no license, you can use the FreeNet version on your truck or other farm equipment.

RB86 car radio with ip67 waterproof and dustproof function. This is a GMRS car radio, that can talk to FRS radios,  GMRS radios, and GMRS repeaters. And the license fee is very cheap, only $35usd for 10 years, and all your families can use GMRS devices in law. How does RB86 make me feel good?

So, if you are interested in our Farm radios or commercial radios for your Spring planting, please contact us at Or you can chat with us on Facebook or Instagram. We can reply to you immediately on the workday.

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