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How to choose and install the antenna of your Farm radio?

There are two kinds of radio antenna from the installation way, one is drilling installation, its advantage is more firm, suitable for any type of car. One is magnetic suction, which requires the antenna to be fixed to the magnetic suction base and fixed to the tractor or vehicle through the strong magnet on the base. Next, we will combine the four antenna types in the RT99 kit to analyze which solution is right for you:

RT99+Magnet mount antenna

RT99-magnet mount antenna

This is the MR100 antenna, which operates on 136-174mhz and 400-470mhz, with a maximum power of 70W, antenna height of 18.86inch and weight of 1.21lb. This is a magnet antenna, you need to attach the antenna to the base, on your truck or tractor to find a relatively smooth place to suck. The advantage of it is that you can move it around your car without damaging the shell of your car.

RT99+NGP antenna

RT99-NGP antenna

This is MR200 antenna. It also has an antenna on a magnetic base. Also, it supports the UHF&VHF frequency range, suitable for a wide range of radios. Its maximum power is 150W, much higher than the MR100 antenna. It is longer than the MR100, measuring 20.28 inches and weighing 1.69lb.

RT99+stainless steel antenna

RT99-long antenna

In the same image, while you can see the full antenna in the first two images, the long antenna is no longer fully visible. This is the MA07 antenna. It’s long and requires more combinations. When you get it in your hand, you need to attach the first section to the second section. It has to be punched and fixed to your car. Based on feedback from other customers, the antenna is usually installed in front of the right rearview mirror. This can save the cable length, but also convenient observation. Also, you can mount it on top of the car for maximum reception and transmission.

Some of its parameters. The same UHF&VHF frequency range has a maximum power of 100W, a length of 30.71inch and a weight of 0.37bl. It weighs far less than a magnet antenna because it has no base.

The advantages of perforated antennas are that they are more stable, less likely to fall off, and the cables can be hidden inside.

RT99+stubby antenna

RT99-stubby antenn

This is a very different antenna from the previous ones. PL259. If you use it on a small tractor, it won’t cause you any problems. It appeared in our motorcycle communications solution, where we installed a perforated piece of iron on the back of the motorcycle to hold the antenna there and connect it to the walkie-talkie via an extension cable. Likewise, if you don’t need a very long antenna on your car. Then this antenna is perfect for that.

It also operates between 136-174mhz and 400-470mhz, and its maximum power is 50W. It’s only 3.54 inches long and weighs 4.6oz.

The antenna of your farm radio can reach further calls, of you are willing to build a communication webnet, the car radios are the most important part in it. And the RT99 mobile radio is also a good choice for farmer, you can use the phone application to program it if you are leaving the office and computer. And more features are there.

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