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3 tips for RT45P Operation, where dreams begin

RT45P 3 tips on operation

When you start with the RT45P radio, you may want to know more operation methods to help you familiar with it, however, some intangible operation tips can not be found on the web and manual. So, there are 3 tips for RT45P operation, you cannot miss the blog.

Here are 3 tips for you to tell you how to program it on your computer and radios.

First, how to program the side keys and how to use the short key?


You can choose the call tone on the radio. look at the picture, you can press the call button to change the call tone.

Monitor: The functional key is monitor and NOAA weather channel. Short press to start monitor, and long press to activate the NOAA weather channel.

Scan and channel lock function key: short press the Lock button to start the scan, and long press to lock the keyboard.

On the left side, under the PTT button, short press to open the flashlight, but the long press is a local emergency and remote emergency function.

Second, what can we do on the radio?

The most important button is the menu key.

Short press for 1 time, the channel number will flash, you can press the up and down button to change the channel.

Short press for 2 times, the CTCSS/DCS sign will flash, then you can change the CTCSS/DCS codes on the radio.

Short press for 3 times, the call tone will flash, you can choose the call tone from 1 to 10.

Short press for 4 times, press up and down buttons to set the VOX from off or 1 to 5.

Short press for 5 times, you can choose another channel for watching, but you cannot change the CTCSS/DCS code.

Short press for 6 times, you can choose the high power and low power on it. And the power of channel 8 to channel 14 can be adjusted as well.

Short press for 7 times, turn on or off the room monitor.

Short press for 8 times, you can choose the sensitivity of Monitor from 1-5.

Short press for 9 times, turn on or off the beep prompt, and tone rail.

However, if you want to reset your RT45P, turn off your radio, and press the up button and power button simulated to turn on the radio. Your radio can renew to a factory setting.

Third, how to use the weather channel on FRS mode?

As we said before, long press the Moni/weather button to enter the NOAA weather channel mode. Then, press the menu to change the weather channel from ch1 to ch11. And press the menu again, the auto receiving sign will flash, press the up or down button to activate or close the auto receiving function.

The signaling 1050Hz is available on the NOAA function if there is a weather alert.

The frequency on the 11 weather channels are:


Hopefully, this will help you use RT45P faster and better. If you have any other questions about RT45P, please feel free to leave them in the comments section and we will answer and discuss with you. Of course, if you think there are features or designs that need to be improved, let us know. We can also feedback to the R&D department and the factory for rectification. If you need a discount, please email

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2 thoughts on “3 tips for RT45P Operation, where dreams begin”

  1. Steven Walsh

    I have purchased 4 RT45p radios and was told by Retevis i was able to use these with our current RT622 radios. Ive tried everything to get these to work together with no luck the software from retevis does not find the rt45p radio either…. please help!!

    1. No programming of RT45P. If you have a programming cable for RT622 radio, you can check the frequencies and CTCSS/DCS codes. Then, you can select the same frequencies and CTCSS/DCS codes on your RT45P radio.

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