RB22 new amateur radio

NEW Amateur radio RB22 meet your needs from 3 parts

In these months, we have 5 GMRS radios are in stock, and 3 kinds of License-free radios, and 1 licensed radio. But now, the new amateur radio RB22 is coming on Retevis official website. It is a waterproof radio with IP66 waterproof and dustproof standards. And it is friendly for ‘sausages’ to use because of the semi-keyboard. Although it looks simple, the functions can be used on it.

So, from the 3 parts, you can learn how it works with you.

Part 1: Appearance and the buttons.

RB22 appearance

It is smaller than HD1, the dimension is 102x54x35mm, so it is portable if you want to carry it out.

The semi-keyboard can reduce the operation error, and if you want to use the number keyboard and character keyboard, you can operate the knob.

And the 3 customized side keys can activate 6 functions when you short press the keys or long-press them.

The antenna is removable, you can change the high gain antenna by yourself.

The Kenwood 2-Pin jacks can adapt with many accessories.

Part 2: The basic operation.

The main functions are:

  • Private Call
  • Group Call
  • All Call
  • Scan
  • DTMF
  • Revive
  • Battery Save Mode
  • One-touch Call
  • Remote Monitor
  • Call Alert
  • Records for 200 hours
  • Prompt Tone On/Off
  • Low Power Voice/Icon Prompt
  • Support Voice Prompt for Channel Switching or Function-Option
  • Two Programmable Buttons for long-pressing are available on the side.

You can set up the functions on both the radio and software. But if you want to set up the details of the functions quickly, programming on the software is easier and more quickly.

Part 3: Programming on the software.

RB22 software

The software can help you do better if you need a more convenient radio for your life. However, you have to know how to connect your radio with your PC. Please make sure you have a Windows computer first. And a programming cable is necessary. C9018A is adapted with most radios which is the general Kenwood 2-Pin jacks. So it can help you program on the software. And maybe your computer cannot recognize your radio, you can install a driver from the support tab on the programing cable page.

Then, what can we do with the software?

After reading the data from your RB22, the factory setting appears on the software, you can change the basic parameters, the common menu, prompt tone, indicator, preset buttons, Mic gain, messages, DMR services like monitor, remote kill, group call, all call, and the GPS service, DTMF, encryption, and the contact list and group.

Programming is a wonderful process to change the radio to your own.

So, if you want to learn more about the operation and the functions, you can leave your questions in the comments section.

And finally, the new amateur radio RB22 is a functional radio that can be used in many scenarios, even in your business. The DMR system can transmit a high-quality call and help you work well and efficiently. If you are interested in it, and if you want to order at a discount price, you can also send your needs to support@retevis.com. It is the best way to have your RB22 at a competitive price.


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