License Free Radio For Family Use-RB28B Comes Out

Radios for family use must be simple, portable, and cost-effective, so many users often choose license free radios for family. We have already promoted a lots of excellent license free radios,  so you might know about some of them. Today, another new arrival comes out-RB28B FRS License Free Radio for Family Use. If you live in European countries and use PMR446 band, you can check this RB628B PMR446 Walkie Talkie Let’s start to explore!

Familiar with RB28B

license free radio for family use-RB28B buttons
license free radio for family use-RB28B buttons

Great Features of RB28B

1.VOX Hand-free

VOX function stands for “voice activated transmission”. It is usually used to turn on a transmitter or recorder when someone speaks and turn it off when they stop speaking. This funtion is designed for hand-free. Turn on this VOX function and set it as proper level, you can handle your things while talking to the radio at the same time.

2.Headphone Function

Many customers ask for the radios with headphone function. Exactly, this function can used on RB28B. Its applicable earpiece headset is C9003A with a two pin plug and a PTT. After connecting the earphone to the transceiver, just press the PTT button of the headset to speak, your voice will be sent to recevier.

3.Power Saving Function

To extend the battery life, RB28B is designed with power saving function. If there is no incoming call or voice within 10 seconds, the walkie-talkie will automatically enter the power saving mode. In this mode, the radio can still receive information

4. Convenient Charging

RB28 comes with the Type_C charging jack and a one out of two Type_C charging cable. You can charge two radios at the same time, and when you are on the trip, they can charged by your phone’s power bank.

Advantages of RB28B

1.Unique and Durable Design

When we listened to some outdoor hobbyists’ feedback, they mentioned that sometimes, screen of radios would be scratched due to the outdoor environment. So we promote to make shell and screen more suitable for various environments. RB28B is designed with no display screen and mini size, which makes it a unique outdoor gear for trip.

2.Easy to Use and Carry

No need to have a license and just several buttons, RB28 is suitable for people who want simple radios. Measuring 105*52*21mm, it is smaller than your iphone. Its total weight only 127.9 grams, so it is possible to put it in your dress pockets

3.Good for Money

With the price lower than $40, you will get 2 packs license free radios for your family. It will meet all of your needs for family use. Why not consider to taking a pair for your family to start your new trip?

Here is a simple show of RB28B FRS License Free Portable Two Way Radio

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