If you buy the right two-way radios, they can help you to transform our business, make it safer and have a better customer service because of good and in time communcation. They will help you outdoor activities safer.

So before buying, you need to consider some things, here we have offer you 4 popular questions about two-way radios. Hope these questions can help you getting a right radio, make your business stronger, and make you and your family outdoor activities more smooth.

1, What is the two way radios?

Two way radio means the radio can operate two ways, that can transmit and receive a radio signal. Lots of two-way radios are half duplex. So usually two-way radios allows to transmit or receive. When radio is transmit, it can’t receive. And when radio is receiving signal, it can’t transmit signal.

Two-way radios also have another name walkie talkie. In the market, there are lots kinds of two-way radios. Licensed or license-free, DMR radio, analog two-way radios, dual band two-way radios and so on.

2, Can Two-Way Radio From Different Manufacturers Communicate With Each Other?

Please remember this: No matter which manufactoures, radios should be have the same settings, then they can work with each other.

For example:

For analog mode two-way radios, you need to make sure the channel settings same, the transmit frequency and receive frequency are same with your other radios, also you need to make sure the CTCSS/DCS CODES.

For DMR model two-way radios, in digital mode, you need to make sure the frequencies, color code, contacts, talk group same.

If you want to connect your radio with the repeater, the settings should be opposite. Your radio’s transmit frequency should be the repeater’s receive frequency.

3, Licensed or license-free

There are lots kinds of license-free two-way radios, like the FRS radio, PMR446 radio, MURS radio and so on. These radios all have something in common. The output power is lower. So if you don’t care about the distance, and want to save money when ordering radios, license-free radio will be the perfect choice.

Aslo license-free radios with the simple design, they come with the programmed frequencies, so you do not need to program them, and can use them out of the package.

For licensed radios, there also have lots. Like the GMRS radios, Ham radios. But these two licensed radios are different. GMRS license is very easy to get, you only need apply for one from the FCC. But for Ham radio, you need to exam.

So for little hotel, school, reataurant and security, they usually choose the license-free radios. But for large hotel, instruction site, they usually choose the licensed radios. Also for Hams, they will choose the ham radios. (Amateur radios).

4, What kind of features do I need in my radios?

There are so many features for two-way radios, so if I don’t want to throw my money away and want to use all the features, so how to choose a right radios.

First you need to know where you will use this radio.

If you order the radios for your employees, and don’t need the long range distance. You can choose the lightweight, comfortable, license-free, simple to use two-way radios.

If you use the radios in heavy rains or wet in environment. you need to consider the waterproof two-way radios. If you order the radios for security guards, consider the alarm function will be better.

Above are the popluar questions about two-way radios, hope these help you to narrow your radio-buyig decision and make the best choice. If you have any questions about two-way radios, contact Retevis: partner@retevis.com


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