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Why farmers should use farm radios?

Farm radio is one of our main product lines, and we’d like to recommend farm radio for farmers and agriculture businesses or organizations. Because farm radio as a specific two-way radio group, they should focus on farmers’ needs.

There are two kinds of farm radios: handheld radios and mobile radios. Handheld radios are portable. If farmers are working in a decentralized workplace, a handheld two-way radio is the best choice, however, if they are always work in agricultural machinery like trucks and planters, they can install a mobile radio on the machinery to talk with others.

farm radio and green revolution



Generally, farm radios can support the NOAA weather alarm for working farmers. To help them learn about climate change and prevent natural disasters, like hail and tornado in Summer. Summer is the season of the rapid growth of plants, is also the season of fruit, but the summer weather is always violent changes, not friendly to the growth of plants. So, the weather alarm function can remind farmers to take action.

The functions of farm radio are: VOX function can free hand to talk with others, Squelch can reduce the noise to improve the communication quality. Digital and analog farm radios can meet more needs of managers or users. And some farmers work at night or in weak light areas, the flashlight can help farmers work well. What’s more, DMR farm radios can support private call, group call, and all call. So, managers can easily divide farmers into different communication groups rely on their work. The mobile radio can install on the machinery, and farmers can speak with a mic.

The distance of communication is often the two-way radio users’ most concern. We can provide the group of farm radios and repeater to expand the communication distance. Also, if farmers are not know how to choose suitable farm radios, we’d like to help you.

Here are some farm radios that are recommended for you:


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